Pre-marraige Prep

SO  you now said yes to guy and the wedding bells are about to ring. First of all Congratulations Darling!!!!!

Yes you can absolutely freak out at any given time. Not everyone can accept the fact that they are getting married with a cool and a romantic head on their shoulders. It is your absolute right as a bride to freak out and go Bridezilla!! Just remember to keep the causalities to minimum; you might need sane people around you once everything is done.

I’m about to put together some of the stuff that was told to me and I read; which helped me ALOT during my personal crisis and doubts.

  • It’s okay to get scared and doubt your decision. Yes we are good decision makers all the time, but its fine to doubt ourselves once in a while. Remember you have people around you who love and care for you; talk to them. Talking it out with your man actually helps you guys to bond better. Let him know that your doubts, try understanding his, together you can cross the bridge easily.
  • Plan your last month well in advance. Take it from me girl, the time flies but the last month just disappears!! So plan the last month first. This month would mostly have invitation follow-ups, meeting your tailors/ photographers, planning your day at spa before the big day and of course all the packing.
  • Micro manage your packing. Yes you’re packing. Separate bags for wedding day, the photo shoot, the in-laws house and finally the honeymoon. Best way around it is put the clothes, accessories and the required underskirts and lingerie together. Bundle them up into huge zip-lock bags or just keep them piling one over the other (in the correct order, to avoid rummaging a neatly packed suitcase). It also helps if you have one or two people who know exactly where all of your stuff is, you can delegate and not bother to do everything yourself.
  • Plan your shopping. There is so much to shop and there is no point missing out on anything during this time. Do inside out checklist ( I do that) starting from lingerie, to clothes ( oh the variety of them we need to go through!!)), to essentials like body wash, creams, deo etc, to cosmetics, to footwear, to handbag/ clutches/both, to stuff that goes inside by bag/clutch. This is just the essentials, now plan the accessories, the spare clothes, the photo shoots etc.
  • Plan out your diet and exercises; visit a trusted doctor for check-up just to ensure you’re in top shape for the event. Exercises not only help in a healthy lifestyle, it gives a good posture and a delicate way of carrying oneself.  Diets do NOT mean reducing food, it just means, planning the intake better. That way there will be no last minute food cravings or a very weak look on the bride’s face.

I’m sure you’ve been drilled with more than the above points. While doing all this do remember to enjoy what is happening to you. I know this does sound ridiculous but hey it’s happening only once, so why not carry the insanity for future references!!


Happy Wedding  🙂




Things people do not tell you about arranged marriage

Just like life isn’t difficult on its own, we decide to complicate it further. We decide to go into an “adult relationship”; and down the line get married. Or if you’re as lazy as me (or just by the strange turn of events stayed single), you decide to skip the first step and decide to marry a guy your parents help you choose.

I went for the second option. What people did not warn me about was the amount of chaos this would result. Now like any other average movie watching individual, you expect a lot of drama post a love relationship. Family not accepting, fights and tantrums, comparisons and wondering what went wrong. Let us not forget the loads of crying. I wasn’t prepared for a fact that arranged marriages would also have the same stuff, albeit a bit different order.

First it is from choosing a guy from the marriage mart. Could be from a registered matrimonial site, or from a known family. Then comes the filtering, them filtering us, the endless wish lists, the should- have and then comes the rest of the relatives filtering us. If some poor chap does make it through all the filtering, then comes the meeting. Now you can have the easy way out and meet just the guy, or the family decides to make an event out of it and you get displayed.

The first one is any average blind date so nothing much to talk about. The displaying isn’t half bad, it’s the drama that surrounds it that makes it funny. I finally realized why girls bow their heads during time like this. It is so that they can avoid seeing people in their eyes and burst out in giggles, due to the ridiculousness of the whole thing.

If you’re lucky you’ll meet your match soon, or this might be a long-drawn process. But do believe in one thing girls, it’s okay to take time and be ready for the risk, rather than be hasty and curse the consequences.

Let’s see where my journey is leading to…….


Bouts of Wanderlust

Ever dreamt of traveling the world and visiting the amazing world out there?

Of course you did!!

It’s normal and a perfectly humanly thing to do. If you didn’t it is acceptable only if you dreamt of the outer space 😀

I’ve always wanted to travel, near and far, within my own country and the outside world too. One bad thing that can be said about internet is that it taunts you with little glimpses of the big wide world out there.

If you have to make it more poetic, almost like a scintillating seductress; show enough to catch the interest and hide enough to crave for more. I’ve always knew I had a severe case of wanderlust, but like any other typical youngster not deep enough pockets to back my dream.

This year I’ve taken a resolution, which I’m actually trying to fulfill. I’ve started traveling, maybe not out of the country (yet) and maybe not always crossing my home state. But I decided to visit all the places that can be visited near and around me.

I believe that the journey needs to start somewhere. Why not take a small step to start the ball rolling. One day trips or long drives now, and maybe it’ll all start bringing me one step closer to sating  my wanderlust.

What it feels like to live alone


Ever since I was 17 I was told by a lot of people to try living away from family, even if it for a short time. Apparently this helps one to grow independent and learn new stuff about oneself every single day. I was initially fascinated just the way all of us are when we see crazy titles like “ lose weight in 10 days” or some @#$% like that.

I did get an opportunity to move out when I traveled before, but moving out this Feb was the biggest step. To make it all the more important I moved into a flat and not a hostel or a PG.

Little did I know what was in store for me!

Cooking is very fun and therapeutic, but let me assure you, the dishes part is neither. And then they pile up so bad that even cooking is no longer therapeutic. Same goes with the laundry, buying the groceries, and of course cleaning the house. The last one is the biggest problem, especially when you share the said flat.

We always always always ASSUME the roomie will do it this time.

And that thought is highly mutual and ultimately there is no work done at all.

But all that being said, it does feel good when you know you are capable of feeding yourself and do the basic necessities to ensure the house doesn’t look like a cave.

The evening when you spend learning new things and experimenting to find a new hobby, the new dish we accidentally learn or how long can we wear the same clothes with being found out! There is definitely something to be said about these too.

Looking forward to pen them all down as frequently as possible.

Oh, I can totally relate to this video by Buzzfeed

Hoping for better luck

I did not know the power of jinx until i was jinxed.

Or at least that is what I’ll keep telling myself along with a promise to blog every week taking it forward. But since I’ve already broken the promise with myself previously I’m hoping for better luck his time…

Well continuing from my last blog which was in Jan, i realized I did get some stuff done.

Tuned my guitar and started practicing (still looking for classes/tutor though), finished a painting (will post the pic soon) and looking forward for more paintings and drawing.

Maybe my wish will come true and I’ll get a chance of photography too!!

Looking forward to blog again next week


My Latest Obsession

So I’ve recently moved on from manga and Japanese movies. Not that they got boring, but my brain isn’t able to process and filter between all the cuties that I’ve seen in this span of time. Here is the biggest challenge while moving on. You need some other obsession to move onto. To be honest it has been Pintrest for some time (Okay, it is still is now…), but you need something where you can go that mind numbing stage and can neither understand what’s happening nor can you stand doing it one more time.

So I’ve been juggling with some random wild ideas and pursing some of my hobbies again. Maybe it’ll be this: DSC_0120

I need to just get this tuned (to be honest the tuning part is on my to-do list for 2 weeks now.)



of course I’ll start the painting only after I find the brushes which I have VERY carefully stored. It’s very much secured. I’m sure I’ll find it soon.

Well at least one thing I know I’ll definitely do is photography (once I get my model or a good project)



The only thing I want to do and can do at this point of time is eating. And if I do that I might put on weight (more than what I already have) .

And then I can get obsessed about losing it

Looks like a plan, now I need to go eat.

Starting New


It is said many writers go through a phase which is lovingly called the “writer’s block”. In layman (or non- writer’s language) it is a time period when we writers either run out of ideas or turn too lazy to pen the ideas overflowing through our mind. It also this phase when we have the best of the ideas, amazing inspirations and moments of peace. We of course ignore all the above offerings and choose to be the brooding lot and mope around when someone questions us about or current work, interesting stuff ready to be published .

Let me proudly tell you I was a part of the club and for unfortunate reasons decided to become a frequent blogger and continue with some funny stuff back online.

Looking forward in making my blog interesting enough that even I want to visit it frequently

Here is hoping for a fresh start


( Somehow i think I’ve gone through this stage too)

Why i am better off as a woman?

From ages this has always been a topic for debate, Men v/s Women. The battle of sexes!! But recently after much thought and quite some wince worthy observations I’ve come to a conclusion. I may not be happy being a woman but I am THRILLED that I am NOT a guy!!

Think about it. We get moody cranky and are in a general mood of destruction 80% of our life. We also give titles to them like the teenage rebellion, PMS, period time, pregnancy and menopause. Let us not forget some people are blessed more than others and have more than the above list.

I’m a girl and I cannot tolerate how others girls are bitchy even though I know what it is and get it (I honestly do!!). But imagine how bad it is for men. With respect to their simple minded and single directional existence, complications like feelings are a challenge. Imagine them trying to understand “complicated feelings” which are common for us. The moment they think they have understood us, our moods are already fluctuating in the name either PMS or the dreaded time of the month itself. I think this the scientific conclusion of why guys think they can never understand women.

Reading between lines is an art that women master at a very tender age where sarcasm and snide remarks with smile become the way of our communication by the time we hit teens.



I mean the pics I added are self-explanatory. But that is fine, because I am a girl; I do that ALL the time. But men don’t. I simply cannot imagine the fun they are missing. Sigh!!

But back to the point, they do not get it which is why they are confused frustrated, prone to drinking and smoking and do not get sarcasm as fast as we do. I henceforth conclude stating pretty proudly.

Thank you God for NOT making me a man.

Why should all girls have a bachelorette party?

I know we live in a society which is branded as conservative and many topics are a huge taboo. But c’mon! It is highly unfair that a guy can have a bachelor party where as a girl can’t. So today I decided to point out all the reasons why a girl should have a bachelorette party.

Let us start from the very beginning:

  • I am about to change my name for you. I mean, Maybe my name is not fancy and yours might sounds better, but it is my name and I am about to lose it.
  • My days of sleeping in are done with. I mean there are too many weekend to count when I sleep in because I am tired after a long week.                   Pfft. Not really, but I got an opportunity to sleep, so it works for me.
  • Window shopping for hot guys is done. I mean not really, because it’s not like I’m going blind after my wedding but, if 80% of the male population is out of my league now it’ll be almost 97% then. (I like to keep some % to myself for fantasizing at least.)
  • I can’t spend all my money foolishly anymore, no more extra money on stuff; I have to start planning for “family” and “future”. Bleh! I hate growing up.
  • This is important, I cannot keep my room messy, if I keep it messy who will keep it clean?
  • I have to turn into an understanding pacifier and be the referee to all the future yelling matches, when in reality I am not done with arguing for all stupid things myself.

So my dear parents, cousins, friends, relatives and all others who can sympathize. Please realize that a girl is about to have a HUGE change in her life for good or bad. We all hope it is good which is why we have a wedding party and celebrations. But in life it is important to be prepared for negative possibilities too, which is why a girl HAS to have a night out to have an advance grieving session, drink for the strength and fantasize about all available guys while unmarried to make sure conscious is clean while starting a new journey.

What do you say???